Thursday, 8 October 2015


Although technically it's only been one month since summer has officially ended, it feels as if a lifetime has passed since we were sipping cold beers on hot, sweltering days without realising whether it was a weekday or weekend. In fact, summer of 2015 to me could be summed up in the word 'weekend' with endless nights and shortened days, well on the days I wasn't working at least. So with that in mind, and as with the backlog of procrastinated blog posts, I'm throwing it way back to August, where my sisters and I went to our second motherland of Malaysia. Being half Malaysian, summers were always a time for me and my sisters to visit our family over there and whilst none of us have actually 'lived' in Malaysia, its remains to be a home away from home for all of us. As our tendency is to stay with my grandparents in Malaysia, my family decided to do something different, and for a brief weekend, we checked into a hotel and embraced the 'hotel experience'. Here below are some photos I took of my sisters during our stay. Staying there put us all in a different state of mind and was such a departure from our everyday lives. So here's an ode to lounging pool side, losing track of time and of course, jumping on ready made beds.

All photos taken on an olympus mju 1 with fujifilm 400 35mm film.


Sunday, 5 July 2015


And in the next of the festival series, the squad and I traded London Fields for Heaton park as we attended Park Life, a two day music festival in Manchester. 

Welcome to Park Life!

The main stage.

Attractions that we never got to go on.

Festival Food.

'Let the sun shine.'

Crowd getting into it.

Excitement follows.

Frow-ing the Wu Tang Clan.

Dolla dolla bills yall!

James Blake sending good vibes.

Geared up for day 2!

Happiness in the sun


The phenomenal Grace Jones.
Feeling gold with Chet Faker.

The other side..

Fully enjoying our Airbnb.

On the way back home.

All photos taken on an olympus mju 1 with fujifilm 400 35mm film.

The weekend was such a beautiful getaway to spend with my closest friends and it was so nice to have a mini-holiday pre term end. Park life was much more intensive than any other festival I've been to, but there were glorious moments spent soaking up the music and the atmosphere. During Park Life, I got to see some acts that I'd been waiting for ages to see, in particular the Wu Tang Clan, Jamie xx (despite seeing him before with The xx), James Blake, Chet Faker, Grace Jones, Action Bronson and George Ezra. Not one act disappointed and I'm so happy that I got to share these memories with my closest friends.