Sunday, 27 February 2011

DIY Idea Inspiration

Kate Bosworth attending Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2011 Collection at London Fashion Week. 
To do, simply take a long plain tan skirt. Mark out a desired pattern onto the skirt (Y pattern is shown above). Grab a bunch of different studs and start gluing using a Hot Glue Gun.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

In celebration of the Upcoming Oscar's, I decided to piece together beauty lessons we learned from the nominees of Best Supporting Actress.

Annete Bening- The Kids Are Alright

Beauty Lesson One: Who says that glasses are reserved only for nerds? NewsFlash, Glasses are totally in this season. Throwing on a pair of black rimmed glasses, instantly polish up your look and make you seem more professional. This is great especially on days lazy Sundays.

Nicole Kidman- Rabbit Hole

Beauty Lesson 2: An easy way to fancify your hair, is to throw it up in a Half up- Half down Curly do. This romantic look is great for date nights, formal events and even just days out.
To get this look:
1. Section of your hair from the tips of your ear and secure with an elastic. Leave.
2. Curl the bottom strands with a 1" Curling Iron. I swear by Hot Tools.
3. Loosen up your do until you get your desired look!

Jennifer Lawrence- Winter's Bone

Beauty Lesson 3: A winged smokey eye is totally hot this season. Instead of blending into a rounded shape, try going for a more winged out shape. This fashion forward look definitely puts all the eyes on you. Just make sure to balance it out with a nude lip other wise you could be mistaken for a clown!

Natalie Portman - Black Swan

Beauty Lesson 4: Go all out for Bright hot pink lipstick! Don't shy away from the colour, although it may seem a little too much for some, it is actually very flattering on many skin tones. Perfect for night outs,  hot bright pink is the way to go!

Michelle Williams- Blue Valentine

Beauty Lesson 5: Snip, snip snip! Don't be afraid to cut your hair. Cropped pixie cuts are adorable! Super flattering and versatile. Michelle's blond pixie looks elegant and edgy at the same time. So What are you waiting for?

So who are you rooting for this Oscars? I'm going with Natalie Portman for Black Swan. Btw, anyone seen it? What are your thoughts on it? Leave it in the comment section beloe!

First Blog Post! 15 Quick Fire Questions about me. How interesting.

Hello whoever is out there. This is my first blog post on this thing called blogspot. Whoot! I thought I might give you a small insight about myself through a game of quick fire questions.

Name: Nat
Age: Fourteen

Girl or Boy?
I'm pretty sure I'm a girl...

Towns? (Birthplace and living town) 
Hong Kong! Can I get a whoot whoot here?

Oh yeah. I am totally going to tell you my size. Sure. Right. Next question.

Colour of hair? 
Chocolate brown or Light black. Choose either one

Colour of the eyes? 
Dark brown eyes. They call it Chocolate eyes.

Employment / current occupation? 
CEO of my life. No, seriously i'm a student.

I like/love? (Fashionwise)
Leather leather leather, boots, leopard print, things that look hand made, raw edges, gold and silver, mixing high and low.

I don't like? (Fashionwise)
 Uggs a.k.a horrible cockroach like things that unflatter your foot. (Sorry if that offends anyone but its my own opinion), Plaid *shudders*

If you can meet one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be? 
Kate Moss. Nuff said

What do you like to do, generally, during the weekend?
umm, hang out? stay at home and just chill. generally random things around the house.

The town/country that you want to visit or even live in?
New York Maybe? London, i think.

The first thing you do when you come back from school or work? 
Crash on my couch and just lie there.

If you were a pizza topping what would you be?
Hmmm....Cheese. ahahaha, and definitely Pepperoni.

The real TV show that you prefer?
Do you mean like reality TV shows? Kimora :)

The magazine, which you never miss? 
You mean magazines? Oh, Vogue, People:Style Watch, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Allure....