Saturday, 22 March 2014


I don't normally go the events, but when I do, I manage to attend really fun ones. Case in point, last Wednesday, I was graciously invited to Aroxta's 'HK Fashion Bloggers' night by the lovely Ira. Aroxta is basically a fashion showroom that carries out a wide variety of fashion and accessory labels that are mainly by local HK designers. It was definitely a great opportunity to support the fashion community in HK and I had a great time interacting with various designers about their wonderful collections. I'd like to especially thank Shyla (Aroxta CEO and founder) for being such a lovely host throughout the evening and the event would not have been as wonderful if it weren't for her and Ira.

Aly & Rachelle

Aly & Rachelle is a fashion label designed by the loveliest Christine Lam. Aly & Rachelle has a very feminine and soft aesthetic, with silk dresses and lace detailing. Aly & Rachelle have the perfect dresses for a night out on the town, something very much suited for Hong Kong. It was really great to be able to converse with Christine, as well as her partner Stanley, about her collection and our mutual educational interest and she was ever so lovely to be around with. Aly & Rachelle have a particular navy blue draped dress that I still cannot get out of mind! This is a definite one to watch. 

Michael Antonio

Michael Antonio is a well established women's footwear label thats been featured in many magazines such as InStyle, Elle, Lucky and Glamour. There were a great selection of heels as well as boots. I, being the booty that I am (get it? maybe I should just stick to normal sentences), was especially fond over their gold, brown and black ankle boots. No doubt I would be back for more.

Pretty Dangerous

Pretty Dangerous is an accessory line designed by Alison Tam, and whilst I didn't get the chance to speak to her, I was able to take a good long look at all the jewelry. I especially love the intricate detailing she puts into her designs. Pretty Dangerous has a cool girl gone quirky vibe to it which definitely meshed with my sense of style. Highlights include cufflinks with a secret button hidden within it so you won't ever lose your button. Very James Bond esque. 

Nuage Concept

My mother, believe it or not, is a big fan of Nuage concept and actually asked me to scope it out for myself, and being the dutiful asian daughter, I thoroughly did so. Needless to say, lesson learned, your mother is always right. I loved the gold fine detailing incorporated into Nuage's more delicate jewelry and I loved the combination of gold with more primary colours. I also got the chance to chat with Nuage's owner Chantal, which was nice seeing as she is the mastermind behind this brand. Nuage have jewelry that is just perfect for sprucing up an outfit or adding a personal touch. I'll definitely be stocking up more of this. 

No event would be complete without good food and Aroxta definitely had that covered. Sushi and cupcakes were served throughout the evening and yours truly may have had a little more than a few. The cupcakes were arranged in a very 'Great British bake off' way and had a strong butterscotch taste to it. Simply put, it was great. Plus, I adored the tiny little Aroxta logo adorned on the top of the cupcake. 

Photo Credit: Aroxta

Contrary to my surroundings at school, I actually like meeting people at events. In particular, it was lovey catching up with old faces like Ira, and meeting new faces like Nini. Nini has a fantastic food blog that is guaranteed to make your mouth water, so head on over and check it out here. PS: Yes, I'm in flats.

Photo Credit: Aroxta

To wrap up the evening, Aroxta gifted each one of us with a wonderful gift bag. And quite possibly, one of the best gift bags I've ever been given. I received a free dry bar session by airplay, Hong Kong's first and only blow dry bar. A blow dry bar is a hair salon that styles your hair and makeup for you before you go out, a very clever idea. I also received a 8GB USB from Aroxta, a key chain from Maneesha Ruia, a candle from The Candle Company and a box of Merci chocolates. I don't know about you but I know which item will be gone first. Anyhow, it was such a lovely event that really brought out the talent in Hong Kong, something that is often overseen. Aroxta truly does a great job in giving these designers the recognition they deserve.


Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Jacket- HK boutique, Shorts- Thrifted and DIY'd, Sunglasses- HK boutique, Choker- DIY, Sweater- Persunmall, Creepers- Underground

After a deliriously long pause, I am finally back with a much overdue outfit post. So without further adieu, I present my outfit.

The lovely folks at Persunmall gifted me with this sweater. Persunmall is a great website for shopping online and its extremely affordable. Persunmall is stocked with a wide variety of clothes, shoes and even prom dresses! So no matter what, you'll be sure to find something you like. Shopping on persunmall is extremely easy and I highly recommend shopping on persunmall. This sweater is perfect for lighter conditions or for layering in colder climates. I love the ribbed detailing on it and surprisingly, it fits me like a glove! I especially love how easy it feels on my body. I'll definitely be wearing it throughout the year(s) to come! Please click HERE to view the sweater and the website.

Conrad and I ventured out to our 'signature' spot to take these photos. We shot here a while back and unlike Hong Kong's landscape, it hasn't changed at all. I also wore these shorts the last time we were here, however I've gone 'creative' and decided to distress and rip these shorts. After all, everything looks better worn to pieces. 

I literally sewed this choker minutes before I left the door to school this morning and its not coming off me for a while. I love how the clear crystal looks and I'll definitely be making more similar to this.

Alright, I have some tv shows homework to attend to! 


Saturday, 15 March 2014


Last Thursday, Nick and I hopped along to the launch of American Apparel's new and specially curated 'Rugby Sevens' collection. For those of you outside the +852 and have never heard the words 'Rugby Sevens' allow me to spare a few sentences explaining. If you have heard of it, skip down because you've heard it all before. The Rugby Sevens are a huge rugby event that happens yearly in Hong Kong, in which teams from all across the world battle off for an eventual plate, bowl and cup winner. And yes you guessed it, there a seven players aside. It lasts for 3 days (Friday to Sunday), making it the perfect weekend to get away from the hustle bustle of city life. And it also doubles as a fun dress up event since everyone just wants to have a crazy fun time. Thus, American Apparel created their own 'Rugby Sevens' collection to get you dressed and ready for the rugby spirit. 

No great event is complete without food and American Apparel definitely had that covered. We were served burgers courtesy of Caliburger and juices courtesy of Punch Detox. The burgers were a great afternoon snack and I may have taken more than a few. But hey, they were good! We were also served juices from Punch Detox which I found surprisingly addictive. Never thought I'd say this, but bring on the juice!

We were greeted by the lovely AA girls who then began to prance about offering us endless amounts of burgers and fries. You'd be a fool to say no to that. All of the items the AA girls are wearing are from the 'American Apparel x Rugby Sevens' collection. 

There was a bevy of nylon leggings and bandeaus all coming in a variety of colours such as silver, metallic blue and magenta. If leggings and bandeaus aren't really your thing, AA's got you covered on jogging shorts, halter neck dresses and even fun little animal headbands. American Apparel also had sweatbands in multiple colours, ultimately blending fashion and sport.

Top- Thrifted, Riding Pants- American Apparel, Shoes- Monki

Personally the best part of the event was hanging/catching up with all the people there. Nick and I went together, unintentionally but intentionally matching in blue. I also got to catch up with the lovely Zoe, which was nice, seeing as we don't see each other often. Zoe's the instagrammer behind @aahongkong so be sure to follow their instagram for more AA shenanigans! All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon event that celebrated the lighter side of fashion. 

PS: I've got my sevens tickets, have you got yours?


Sunday, 2 March 2014



I thought a little hand written note was overdue because, lets face it, typing is overrated. I'm so sorry for the lack of outfits in February. It was a lovely but short month in which I was so busy doing nothing that I allowed myself to 'slack' on the blog. Hopefully, I'll be able to show you more outfits in the near future. In the meanwhile, enjoy some jams that I've been inputting into my ears. The list could go on forever so here's a short, very filtered look into my iTunes library.