Tuesday, 5 May 2015


First sight of Venice from the airplane.
The scene from our breakfast terrace.

Nicole caught in the wind.

Caught 'gramming the seas.

The sunny but windy weather.
The famous St Mark's Square during the daytime.

Nicole standing in St Mark's Square.

A little tourist shop exhibiting Venice's most notable souvenir, the Venetian mask.

Mother on one of Venice's 409 bridges.

Gondola's parked up after a hard day of work.

Nicole amongst the dusk of the streets.

The interior of the Doge's palace, the prison in which Casanova famously escaped from.

Signature dad pose.
Evaluating ancient wonders.

Nicole inside the Doge's palace.

When in Venice...

An outfit equipped to block out the deadly Venetian winds.

An example of Venice's quiet beauty.

My two favourite things, dad and gelatos.

Standing in a water taxi with the wind in your hair. Irreplaceable.
All photos by me or Nicole via an olympus mju 1 or olympus mju 2 zoom 100 with fujifilm 400 35mm film

Venice has always been some sort of fantasy land to me. Its the kind of place you read about 
in fairytales but never dream to be as real as concrete. So during this past Easter, half of my family and I decided to embark on a new adventure to Venezia, a place that not one of us had been to before. Travelling to a new country for the first time is enchanting and immediately I was entranced by Venice. Instead of cars, there were gondola's, instead of highways, they had canals and instead of tea, coffee, endless roasted Italian coffee. It was a completely different lifestyle and walking around Venice allowed me to fully relax and soak in every unique aspect from licking stracchino gelatos cones (a million times cheaper than london) to biting into freshly fried calamari to feeling the wind through my hair on the back of a gondola. For a brief time, I as if I were transported to a different time where Casanova was still plotting his escape from the Doge's palace and boats were the fastest way to travel from A to B. There is a certain old-timey magical quality buried in Venice's ancient palace's, vast bridges and little gelateria's.  A return back to London and uni has made me lust for all the little joys I had back in Venice but I hope that through these photos, you'll be able to feel even a shred of what I fell in love with.