Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hat- taobao.com | Shawl- Gift | Dress- borrowed from mum | Boots- Monki 

Photography by Conrad Yung

I told you I'd be back with a hat (this dates back to this post)! Eeek! Has it really been that long since I've last posted?!  So much has happened in between this post and the previous one. For starters, I am actually free of school. This was actually taken during my last week of school (leaver's week). Each day had a different dress up theme and here is my 'AHS Coven Supreme' look for Day 1 Imagination (fictional characters). After all, a supreme is as good as it gets!

However, happiness, shock, horror and panic seep through as I realize that I am well and truly in preparation (more like procrasination?!!) for the terror known as the IB exams. April and May have been Xtremely busy for me (hence the X). In between studying, studying and studying, I've traded lookbook for literally looking at books, DSLRs for GDCs and typing for - god forbid- actual writing. With a pen. Unfortunately, this malicious mayhem won't be stopping anytime soon. Which is why, with deep sadness, I announce a hiatus from this blog until at least May 22nd, the day in which I am free of my IB exams. To all of those around the world preparing for the IB exams, good luck, good luck and good luck. If only I could use my coven powers to zap the exams away!