Friday, 29 August 2014


Its been a while since I last shared my jams with you, so I thought I'd repeat it again, only much more organized this time. In short, this is basically a list of songs that have been imprisoned in my head throughout the entire summer, which basically included a lot of Blood Orange. I've also spun in some of my 'kick ass' songs to help beat the back to school blues. There's not really an order to the chaos as its basically a spiderweb of genre's so I'll let the music speak for itself. Enjoy!


PS: Excuse the messy handwriting. This is a result of the lack of productivity done in the summer, or genetics. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Crop top- boutique // Jeans- thrifted// Creepers- underground

Photography by Nicole Chui

Here are some very belated outfit snaps from my much loved trip to Pariee. Luxembourg was without a doubt, one of my favourite parts of my entire trip. I had planned to visit this beautiful sight and it didn't overwhelm or underwhelm. Luxembourg was beautiful in the most civilized way possible, with its manicured lawns and stone carved sculptures. It also gave me a chance to live out my 9 year old self's Passport to Paris dreams. I've also included some outfit snaps from Montmartre, another one of my favourite parts of the trip, because they were just too lovely to pass up on. Practicality and preparation was a key part in my outfits and in heed of the unpredictable Parisian weather I donned pieces that were easily interchangeable i.e hoodie when cold, crop top when hot. But really, I just wanted an excuse to wear this crop top out, I mean it has pineapples on it, I repeat pineapples.



PS: Today marks the one month countdown until I am officially out of the 852 and in the 020! Just thinking about the packing is exhausting me.

Thursday, 7 August 2014


Photography by me on my DSLR and Iphone 5s

Fact. Paris is always a good idea. Despite the frequent weather warnings and threats of impending wallet thieves, my sister and I ventured on a glorious trip to Paris and confirmed that Paris is indeed, always a good idea. We stayed there for a couple of days with some family friends who were kind enough to house us and show us around Paris. During our brief time there, we managed to check a few things off our 'to-do' list including visiting le Lourve, dining at Cafe de doux Moulins a la Amelie, shopping at colette and consuming as many macarons as possible. Contrary to the large amount of jpegs, this is only a tiny snippet of our holiday and being back in the 852 has diagnosed me with severe post-paris depression. Until next time, Pariee!