Friday, 21 February 2014


Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend Your mum's organized concert; consisting of Ásgeir, Daughter and King Krule. Needless to say, the whole day was spent in anticipation of the concert. So here's how the night went down. Apologies for some shoddy shots, there's only so much composition one can comprehend when King Krule is crooning right in front of you.

Photos by Conrad and I.

I went with my best bud, fellow Henry Holland fan and film fanatic Conrad ,who is unfortunately many many inches taller than me. He shot one of my outfits a few months back, take a look at it here. It was nice to have someone who shared the same crazy desire I have for King Krule. We arrived forty minutes earlier thinking that we would be at the end of the line, but instead we were at the front. This gave us the perfect opportunity to run crazily to the front of the stage (the fastest I've run in the entire year) and we were very blessed to be directly in front of the stage. 


Ásgeir was first up. The Icelandic singer welcomed the stage with his psychedelic beats and trance induced voice. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Ásgeir and knew that I would immediately download obtain his albums once I got home. Ásgeir sang both in Icelandic and English which brought a vast variety to his short performance. He had a very quiet but calm demeanor which made this performance truly unique. He reminded me of fellow Icelandic Ólafur Arnalds in their 'experience' led performances. There's just something in that Icelandic voice. 

Highlights Include: King and Cross, Torrent.

King Krule

If you couldn't tell by the ridiculous amount of photos and my instagram, I was there mainly for King Krule. I had discovered King Krule over a year ago by fellow blogger babe dominique and had become OBSESSED. I capitalized obsessed because my love for this British babe was really that big. Six feet beneath the moon was possibly one of the greatest albums of 2013, so straight after Ásgeir's set, I went into hyperventilation mode knowing what was coming. Mid way between Ceiling, I started crying. It was just that emotional seeing someone I've admired for the longest time live. King Krule performed with such ferocity and intensity that made him truly a great performer live, something that many artists today lack. Despite my biased views, King Krule was definitely the best performance of the night, well definitely for me. I knew that this performance, like Franz Ferdinand's at clockenflap, will linger in my mind for many moons to come. I was very happy to have crossed this off my bucket list and will happily see him again and again.

Highlights include: Ceiling, A Lizard State, Baby Blue, The Krockadile, Easy Easy


Without a doubt, Daughter was the biggest band of the night. Everyone there was there for daughter and we've even saw fans holding up the vinyl of If You Leave. Thus, they were the last performance of the night. Elena Tonra was quite possibly the most loveliest singer ever. She had a Zooey Deschanel esque smile and quietly drank a flask of tea in between songs. I embarrassingly showered her with compliments but hey, she was in front of me! She sang with such a quiet but powerful presence that made it impossible to peel your eyes off her. However, I HAVE to give a standing ovation to Igor Haefeli, he was incredible. He was strumming a guitar with a violin bow. Unfortunately, I have only have a really dodgy picture of him, so I didn't include it in this post. However, I filmed his epic strumming on my shoddy point and shoot camera. Overall, this performance definitely reminded everyone why daughter was the breakout band of 2013. Looking forward to hearing more from these folks, they're going to be huge.

PS: Yes, I did cry at Youth. Lets pretend I did not just openly admit to doing that.

Highlights include: Landfills, Youth, Amsterdam, Smother

I was so glad to have gone to this concert. Every concert I've been to have been special in their own way and this was no exception. It is a concert that I shall keep very very close to my heart and I am so happy to have gone with my best friend.