Sunday, 20 July 2014


Photography by me.

Hey blog, its been a while. But then again, its also been a while since I've last been in HK. Thus the best way to make up for an unexplained absence is to post a myriad of photos explaining the unexplained. Still with me here? Yeah, neither am I. In short, I've spent the majority of June and July traveling all around the globe. In the span of four weeks, I've been on five planes and about to embark on my sixth one tomorrow. I started off my journey by visiting my sister in landan, where we spent many a day venturing out into the city, preparing for my big move in september (!!!) and overall, just having a good time. In my best attempt to list out all the places we went to, we visited canarby, piccadilly, chinatown, oxford circus and spent a lot of downtime in east london. I'll let you re-track our footsteps through these photos and hopefully you'll be as in love with london as I am. 



PS: I'm excited to officially announce that of september 2014, I will be living in london! Excited/nervous/howmanyjacketsshouldibring/doesthismeanineedtocook doesn't even begin to describe how my head is feeling now.