Wednesday, 31 October 2012

We can do it!

Sneak peek of the next post ahahaha!

Not the greatest post (blurry photos :P) but hey another day, another look! We can do it! Who doesn't love Rosie the riveter! Behind every great man is an even greater woman (: The shorts were originally long trousers that I cut up and frayed into shorts, much more me! Although rosie didn't have it, I decided to roll my hair up into a little vintage fringe. I think it really helped to pull this whole look together. I wore this outfit to school (minus the makeup and hair), so its completely wearable for everyday wear. Alright, back to theatre homework for me! 


Shorts- DIY (thrifted)
Belt- Vintage coach
Shirt- United Colours of Benetton
Hair ribbon- Gift from Maldives
Lipstick- "Satin" from MAC

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Forever shall I stay.

I used liquid liner to draw on these tetris inspired blocks ahahaha

 Confession time! When I was little, I was absolutely TERRIFIED of the corpse bride! The eerie thought that she was forever waiting at the alter was enough to frighten my asian bones. So being the weirdo that I am, decided to dress as my version of the corpse bride. She's more sleep deprived, much blander and slightly crazy (some tetris-y thing going on on my right arm). The dress was from a drama production I was part of where I was playing a mental patient (surprise surprise!). I simply cut off the sleeves, adjusted the length but I wanted to retain the straight shape as I think it gives it a much more ghostly appeal. No shoes for bonus hobo chic! The best part of this was doing the makeup! Took me about 45 mins as I kept going darker then lighter then darker then lighter etc. It was super fun to completely disintegrate society's perspective of beauty. Now all I need is to wait for my groom to arrive..
More costumes to come! (:


Dress- DIY'd
Veil (Scarf)- China
Scarf around neck- China
Fake flowers- Ikea

*Hair was hair sprayed silver.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hi all, nothing special here but I wanted to update you all on the recent changes made around here! If you haven't noticed, I recently redesigned my banner up there^^^ (!!). Its basically a still from my favourite movie "Lost in Translation" by Sofia Coppola. Some people hate this movie, I happen to love it. Anyways, I thought this would serve as the perfect backdrop for my banner as it conveys so many emotions I'm feeling right now and it fits well with the name of my blog. Its an image I found of so all credit belongs to her! I've had this image on my desktop for ages so it was nice to use it on my blog (: Oh another thing, I have Bloglovin now! Yes, I'm probably the last one to jump on the bandwagon but I've finally joined bloglovin so feel free to follow me there! Image sizes have finally been resolved through my long hard battle fighting the html coding but I came out on top! Things at school have been rather bleh but hey, its mid-term break! Overall, I have been pretty good, blogging is becoming more of my main focus and I love doing it. I know this has been a departure from my normal three line posts but I felt like I needed to write you all this!

Until next post!

I'm in love with Summer.

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It was so hot last sunday! My attempt to dress more autumn-y completely failed and I succumbed to my summer desire by reaching for those high waisted shorts. I found a park bench which totally reminded me of the scene in 500 days of summer where tom shows summer his favourite spot. Unfortunately, my park bench doesn't give me the sufficient views tom's one does. Still its pretty.


halter- Gap
Shorts- DIY vintage
Shoes- Superga
Watch- Guess
Sunglasses- Benson and Ashley
Bracelet- China
Rolling Stones ring- Korea

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Its all a bit simple really

A bit late on updating but i'm finally on half term break now! Loving this October season although it doesn't really get very autumn-y in hong kong. Just watched The Perks of being a Wallflower!! Dying to find a place that makes me feel infinite.


Top- Thirfted
Shorts- H&M
Bag- Gift from Thailand
Creepers- Underground