Tuesday, 23 April 2013


So the title is pretty self-explanatory, mock exams begin in roughly t - 9 hours! So I'm afraid until then, I'll be pretty AWOL on this blog. I'll be suffering under the realms of business, chinese, DT, maths, english literature, #perksofbeingatheatrestudent #onelessexam #justjoking #ourinternalassesmentsaretwentyfivepercentofourfinalgrade #yipee Until then, I'm a slave to pieces of carbon produced paper. I think that does it,  I'll leave you be as I have to party with my business book. Check back in May when this dreadful reign is finally over!



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Friday, 19 April 2013


Crop Top- DIY, Floral Headband- DIY, Bart Simpson Shorts- HK boutique, Freda's- Jeffrey Campbell


Hello lovely readers, apologies for the longer post today, I felt like I had some things to get off my chest. First of all, EAT MY SHORTS! As ususual, yours truly was the last (and when I mean last, I mean like last last, like last behind the last person last) person to jump onto the Bart Simpson bandwagon. The Simpson's were and still is, one of my favourite TV shows growing up, and while I was mainly identified as the 'Bart' of the family, I always had a special place for Homer in my heart. I have to admit, I wasn't so keen on the trend when it first surfaced on a certain lithe Cara Delavigne, however, its grown accustomed to me and I secretly call this number my 'rad shorts'. 

This week has definitely been a rollercoaster, not just personally, but locally and internationally. So many unexpected events have happened that we have no explanation for. I don't really like to divulge into things that have been happening in my life, however, I feel that now is the time to stand up and say something about it. This week, an unfortunate tragedy occurred in my school, and whilst it wouldn't be right of me to tell you how much I knew that person, it did force me to think about how short life is and how we have so much that we can do. A few other tragedies happened around Hong Kong, and while I had no personal connection to either incident, I did feel the emotional pain their families went through and it did sting my heart. Another incident happened this week, one of my closest friends was heavily criticized by other so called 'friends' for her decision of being openly honest with her opinions. She had joined ask.fm and had stated her honest opinions to the questions she was asked, which I thought was one of the most courageous and admirable things to do. Yet, she was berated for her answers and for her honesty. She calmly replied to these 'comments' and offered to apologize to anyone who was offended, yet she would not apologize for her opinions. This just made me realize how vicious people are when they are 'anonymous' and most people forget that there are two sides to every story. However knowing high schools long tedious life, it will probably be forgotten next week. 

What happened in Boston was truly shocking, there is o one word in the English dictionary that can describe the terror and shock of that day. My friend was helping in the medic tent when the first bomb blew off, thankfully she is fine and unharmed. My friend's father was running 200ft away when the first bomb went off as well, thankfully he too is safe. My mother's friend who had already finished the marathon, was in her hotel room watching TV when she heard news of the bombs. Its so surreal to hear all these things happening so close to you. Not only were the victims robbed of their lives, but they were also robbed of their innocence. However, I want to encourage all not just to pray for Boston, but for all those around the world who are suffering in need, for those that have been lost, and for those taking lead in this situation. 

I would also just like to say that I am a christian and I do hope that you as a reader will come to understand and accept me for that. Christianity is the way of life I have chosen and without it, my life would have no meaning. I know that some of you may disagree, however I would just like to be honest with you about my religion as I am now in a point in my life where honesty is truly the best policy.

30 Day /Post Song Challenge

Day/Post 15: A song that describes you

'I'm One' by The Who

This song is actually taken from my favourite episode of Freaks and Geeks, 'Dead Dogs and Gym Teacher's', and its from the seen where Bill is eating and watching TV whilst just having a general blast with himself. This scene gets me every time because I relate to it so much, as loner like this may sound, sometimes I prefer listening to the sounds of the Who versus the sounds of people talking. Sometimes, I just like the company of myself. Bill is by himself and yet he is just so happy. Although my love for Daniel Desario is undeniable, Bill Haverchuck has to be my favourite character because to me, he is the most relatable. 



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Monday, 15 April 2013


All images from here and here.

Fueled with major coachella envy after eyeing all these babes chilling out at the event. I don't really like sound cheesy but going to coachella is such a dream of mine! The lineup this year was incredible. I was so excited to see the xx, the lumineers, the postal service (!!), James Blake, of monsters and men and RHCP stream live on youtube. Now these major babes have me considering dropping school and becoming a music festival groupie. So much desire. One day, coachella will be mine. Well until then, I'll be slaving my homework away.



Friday, 12 April 2013


Tie dye shirt- stolen from younger sister, Shorts- DIY, Scarf/Headband- Gift from Maldives, Sunglasses- Mum's vintage, Wolfrun Creepers- Underground

Hello again! Its been a while since I last posted and I know I promised to post more regularly! After taking a brief 2 weeks off to procrastinate  focus more on school work, I have decided to re-enter the blogosphere. Quick note, this is my 100th post on my blog! I am actually gobsmacked considering the amount of rubbish I inject into this URL. But still, 100th post isn't too shabby. I've managed to wrestle this tie dye shirt away from my sister albeit for a brief 10 minutes, but it still found it way onto my shoulders. I've been obsessed with tie dye recently, as seen on my tumblr which you can find here, so I was quite immensely happy to discover this old thing perched on top of my sister's table. For this look, I was going for a retro barbie meets fairy acid meets nineties meets coachella sort of look. Totally specific in my ramblings, I know. And how rad are these sunglasses? I cheekily 'borrowed' these from my momma when she was out and I absolutely love them. I find that I tend to resemble a sort of sad John lennon with rounded sunglasses.

30 day song challenge

Day/ Post 14: A song that is your guilty pleasure.

'Right where you want me' by Jesse McCartney

Guilty pleasure's, always easier to accept when one is alone. Well folks, my guilty pleasure is Jesse McCartney. I remember listening to his songs when I was about 10 or 11 and thinking that I was the coolest thing ever. To me, Jesse McCartney is the ultimate embodiment of my pre-teen-hood. His blonde hair, pop-y voice and catchy songs definitely takes me back a few years. Man, those were the good days. I didn't know IB then. Anyways, here's hoping that one day you'll find your guilty pleasures mildly socially acceptable!



PS: I got a new camera lens if you didn't notice! Its the infamous 50mm 1:18D lens and its so amazing. Although I still need to wrap my fingers around the twist of it.