Friday, 30 November 2012


Where the event was held lol!

Henry being interviewed by electricsekki!

with the man himself!

Best amazing night ever!

So if the title wasn't obvious enough, I'll state it again, I MET HENRY HOLLAND! *squeals and dies* haha It was such a surreal experience to meet one of my favourite designers in person! So a little back story into our meeting... A couple of days ago, I had heard that Henry was coming to Hong Kong and that there would be a Henry Holland party in Lab concept. I wasn't sure whether I should go or not considering the gloomy weather and the distance. But nonetheless, my determination to meet the man drove me to the destination. I arrived a bit early so I had a nice walk around Lab concept and did a bit of night photography. As I walked to the back of Lab concept, I suddenly noticed a film crew, an interviewer and Henry holland! In fact, I was standing right next to him when I noticed! I was more excited than a kid in a candy store. I still feel excited now. I stood and watched the interview until it was over and talked to the PR lady about talking to him. So when the interview was over, we got a chance to have a conversation. He was every so sweet to my non stop gabbling mouth. I was totally fangirling. #shamless He congratulated my sister on her uni offer as well! He recognized that I wore the H! by Henry Holland shorts and we had a great chat about them. Henry is so lovely and charming to meet! Definitely an amazing moment meeting my most favourite designer. 

So thats my little meeting :D I'm still star struck by the whole experience. It was surreal talking to him one to one.


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Whiter Shade of Pale

watchu looking at! hahahaha trying to keep warm!

Creepers- Underground, Lace socks- store in Sha Tin, Tights- Unknown, Skirt- DIY by my sister, Sweater- Monki, Scarf- Unknown

Hey all! I'm back from my trip to Laos! Laos was simply amazing and i recommend all of you to visit Laos at least once in your lifetime. Its like being in another world over there, the landscape, culture and people made me forget all about the bustling streets of Hong Kong. But its good to be finally back in HK. Brrrr! It got a lot colder today (15ยบ ...) but still my southeast asian blood is feeling the chill! Wore a variation of this to school and got remarked that i looked like an OL! ahahahaha I actually don't like this sweater so much, but it provides the sufficient warmth I need.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dani California

Sweater- Thrifted, Necklace- school fair, Sunglasses- Vintage Bensons & Ashley, Shorts- House of Holland for Debenhams, Belt- forgot :/, Shoes- vintage.

My last look got deleted :( and it was one of my favourite looks! Not cool! On the plus side, I am so excited to go to Laos on Friday. Its going to be such an interesting experience , considering I've never been there before. Thankfully, I've got my best friend armed with me to share this experience. Here's what I wore to school today but as you can see, it was far to hot for a sweater. Here's hoping to cooler weather! 


Monday, 12 November 2012


I added obnoxious, excruciating amounts of garish light into these photos just because it was one of those days. Its definitely VERY different from the look of my other looks but hey, there's no harm in trying something different. I also call this my Barbie-on-the-run outfit as it feels a lot girlier with my atomic pink lipstick. I'm heading off to Laos later this week so I'll be away from the blogosphere for a week! I'm exited and nervous but really don't know what to expect. Taking my trust fujifilm polaroid to snap some pics for yall (:


PS: how cool is this Elizabeth and James jacket my mum found?! Cannot believe this was at an outlet!

Jacket- Elizabeth and James
Shirt- U2
Belt- Vintage
Shorts- DIY (thrifted)