Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Dress- Thrifted, Shoes- Hk Boutique, Sunglasses- Vintage, Bag- no brand

After a number of years (over 3 weeks) I have finally regained the courage to post yet another new look! And when I mean new, I mean this was meant to be uploaded 3 weeks ago but procrastination struck so here I am posting it now. This getup was worn to a family lunch, and I must say, I do feel rather 'proper' in it for some reason! I've worn this dress to death and I will still gladly wear it again. Hong Kong has finally decided to open up its gateways to sun so expect to see more pictures of me, albiet with sunburns and mosquito bites.

30 day song challenge

Day 17: A song you hear often on the radio

 Get Lucky by Daft Punk

Get Lucky has been literally everywhere! And for good reason, daft punk are bring disco backk! In the summer of 2012, I interned at the radio here in Hong Kong and had an absolute blast, its actually where I want to head in the future (well one of my million career options- keep in mind ice cream man is still one of my top 10 choices, no make it top 5). Ice cream aside, I'll leave you to enjoy the funkiness of daft punk.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


1. What I wore to school one day

2. American Apparel unboxing

3. Trying on pre-mature skirts that need to be washed/ironed

4. Basic Sunday

5. Pre- gala

6. At gala

7. Fan bing bing at Cannes= Perfection

6. Tsim Sha Tsui

Here's a little summary of what I've been doing during the past thirteen days.  Really cannot apologize for the lapse in blogging as I cannot think of any witty reason not to. Today in Hong Kong, we were treated to a splash of black rain. Picture grey skies, plastic umbrellas and curtains being drawn. Also picture countless adolescent teens and youngsters rejoicing at the news of 'no school'. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Saturday, 4 May 2013


My hair looks kindof red here! Collared shirt- Thrifted, Sex Pistols tee- Gift, Skirt- Hk boutique, Socks- unknown, Shoes- HK boutique

I'm finally back after 2 weeks off! Exams are finally over, although I am dreading getting them back. Sorry for the long delay in photos, hopefully I'll have more time to shoot in the summer. Hong Kong's weather has been so bi-polar as of lately, its either sunny in the morning and raining in the afternoon or vice-versa. I have a couple non outfit posts lined up so be sure to check them out. Oh and I was supposed to wear my sheer thigh high's but I couldn't find them, so I had to make do with these socks instead!

30 Day /Post Song Challenge

Day/Post 16: A song that you used to hate but now love (edited because I couldn't think of a song for the original!)

'Cornerstone' by Arctic Monkeys

This song just keeps growing on me. So I never really 'hated' the song, but its grown into such a favourite of mine.

PS: I am beyond excited to see the xx at the end of July! If you're going, let me know, hopefully I'll be able to see one of you (:

PPS: I've also just ordered more things off AA! Why do they constantly empty out my wallet?! :(

PPPS: I've been featured on Friday Night Style! Click here to see it (: