Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cannes Film Festival Fashion!

(From top left to right, Zoe Saldana, Alexa Chung, Diane Kruger, Sarah Jessica Parker)
(From left to right Frederique Bel, Elizabeth Olsen, Sonam Kapoor, Fan Bing Bing)

Some of my favourites from the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival. 
The Lo Down:

Zoe Saldana- Love the simple silhouette yet the fascinating print that starts waist down. The bow really adds more pizazz to the dress gives a dramatic affect without going overboard.

Alexa Chung- I love the chic structure of her LWD. I also love the fact that she wore a short dress to a formal event without looking skanky or trashy yet still very sexy. Quirky and cute, just like Alexa.

Diane Kruger- Umm, excuse me but BOMBSHELL much??? She looks simply amazing in this figure-hugging champagne dress. The simple train adds so much needed drama!

Sarah Jessica Parker- How could you not love her! I love that she went for BOLD bright colour! A very much emerging trend for summer. The simple fit keeps this dress from going overboard. I'm sure Carrie Bradshaw would approve!

Fredreique Bel- I actually had no idea who she was before I saw her in this dress! But i loved it on her. She looked so cute and chic. And yet again, wearing a short dress. The red really adds personality and colour to her and she looks like so much fun!

Elizabeth Olsen- As a huge fan of the Olsens, yes it may be slightly bias to put an Olsen on this list. However, I loved this dress because it just practically screamed STYLE! It boldly expressed her personal style whilst looking appropriate for this event. I want to just rip off her headband and steal it for myself!

Sonam Kapoor- Drama! Instant drama to the red carpet. Although it may seem slightly over-the-top, there's no denying the beautiful construction of this dress. She looks so elegant and sharp in this avant garde gown.

Fan Bing Bing- Hooray for my people! I absolutely adore Fan bing bing! She looks so lovely and elegant in this gradient purple gown.It adds just enough volume and drama without overshadowing her petite frame. Just love it! And her hair is amazing too!


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