Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sunday Morning

don't really like my face in this photo but i thought that it showed of the dress well.

Hey guys, another dreary day again. IB theatre is really sucking out my life, I feel like I practically spend more time at school than at home! Everything has been really exhausting me out recently and I hope I get a break soon. Took these photos awhile back on a Sunday afternoon after our annual Sunday lunch. Seeing Maroon 5 next Thursday, super pumped to see Adam Levine in all his glory! Counting down the days!

Floral Headband- D.I.Y here
Collar Shirt- Thrifted
Belt- Forever 21 (from dress)
Dress- Designed by me (!!)
Creepers- Underground
Cross ring- Forever 21
Rolling Stones Ring- Gift
Silver ring- Vintage


1 comment:

  1. woowwaah you designed your dress?! it looks amazing with that collar shirt underneath! xo