Tuesday, 18 September 2012

unif lusting

UNIF Boardwalk Dress. Perfect for cooling off the last glimmers of sunlight.

Unif Kickflip dress. Just in time for fall

UNIF Grim Reeper shoes, need i say any more?

UNIF Pyramid Cap. I've been on the hunt for the perfect snapback and I think i've found my match.

UNIF peignoir tank. Imagine this over a pair of high waisted denim cutoffs or a bodycon skirt with combat boots, bliss.

UNIF Poison Ivy Dress,  you know those days when you're feeling productive and studious,  this dress is made for all the 'other' days.

source: nastygal.com, unifclothing.com 
After watching Dominique from Style2bones's video on the Connected Fashion Festival, I am lusting for all things unif. I wish we had a fashion festival here in HK!

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