Monday, 12 November 2012


I added obnoxious, excruciating amounts of garish light into these photos just because it was one of those days. Its definitely VERY different from the look of my other looks but hey, there's no harm in trying something different. I also call this my Barbie-on-the-run outfit as it feels a lot girlier with my atomic pink lipstick. I'm heading off to Laos later this week so I'll be away from the blogosphere for a week! I'm exited and nervous but really don't know what to expect. Taking my trust fujifilm polaroid to snap some pics for yall (:


PS: how cool is this Elizabeth and James jacket my mum found?! Cannot believe this was at an outlet!

Jacket- Elizabeth and James
Shirt- U2
Belt- Vintage
Shorts- DIY (thrifted)

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