Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Whiter Shade of Pale

watchu looking at! hahahaha trying to keep warm!

Creepers- Underground, Lace socks- store in Sha Tin, Tights- Unknown, Skirt- DIY by my sister, Sweater- Monki, Scarf- Unknown

Hey all! I'm back from my trip to Laos! Laos was simply amazing and i recommend all of you to visit Laos at least once in your lifetime. Its like being in another world over there, the landscape, culture and people made me forget all about the bustling streets of Hong Kong. But its good to be finally back in HK. Brrrr! It got a lot colder today (15ยบ ...) but still my southeast asian blood is feeling the chill! Wore a variation of this to school and got remarked that i looked like an OL! ahahahaha I actually don't like this sweater so much, but it provides the sufficient warmth I need.


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