Tuesday, 18 December 2012


All items can be found on ASOS.com

Here are just some of my picks from ASOS's new collaboration. Whether you're an Charlotte, Ellie or Azelia (totally me!) you'll be able to find something for this holiday season. Just the oxblood velvet and shimmering sequins already get me hunting for that perfect holiday dress. With exam season coming to a close (one more exam tomorrow!), and ONE week until christmas, be expected to see a lot of me this festive season.Until then, its back to revising market share and product life cycle.


PS: On a completely unrelated note, I watched the final Gossip Girl episode today!! I cannot believe that after 6 years of watching, it is finally over. Now what will I have to look forward to every Tuesday? Its been a great weekly visual manifest and I will miss it deeply. Yeah, I know, TV shows come and go but this one stays in my heart.

Chuck and blair, forever my favourite on screen couple (:

*Spoiler Alert*
PPS: Was anyone else surprised when gossip girl was revealed to be dan?! 'I thought it was Dorota!' I thought it would be way too obvious but now it does make sense! Still I was hoping it was someone way unexpected :P I am so happy Chuck and Blair got married, truly a fairytale. And how cute is little Chuck a.k.a Henry Bass! I want him next. Well its been a good 6 years. Until then, xoxo.

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