Saturday, 15 March 2014


Last Thursday, Nick and I hopped along to the launch of American Apparel's new and specially curated 'Rugby Sevens' collection. For those of you outside the +852 and have never heard the words 'Rugby Sevens' allow me to spare a few sentences explaining. If you have heard of it, skip down because you've heard it all before. The Rugby Sevens are a huge rugby event that happens yearly in Hong Kong, in which teams from all across the world battle off for an eventual plate, bowl and cup winner. And yes you guessed it, there a seven players aside. It lasts for 3 days (Friday to Sunday), making it the perfect weekend to get away from the hustle bustle of city life. And it also doubles as a fun dress up event since everyone just wants to have a crazy fun time. Thus, American Apparel created their own 'Rugby Sevens' collection to get you dressed and ready for the rugby spirit. 

No great event is complete without food and American Apparel definitely had that covered. We were served burgers courtesy of Caliburger and juices courtesy of Punch Detox. The burgers were a great afternoon snack and I may have taken more than a few. But hey, they were good! We were also served juices from Punch Detox which I found surprisingly addictive. Never thought I'd say this, but bring on the juice!

We were greeted by the lovely AA girls who then began to prance about offering us endless amounts of burgers and fries. You'd be a fool to say no to that. All of the items the AA girls are wearing are from the 'American Apparel x Rugby Sevens' collection. 

There was a bevy of nylon leggings and bandeaus all coming in a variety of colours such as silver, metallic blue and magenta. If leggings and bandeaus aren't really your thing, AA's got you covered on jogging shorts, halter neck dresses and even fun little animal headbands. American Apparel also had sweatbands in multiple colours, ultimately blending fashion and sport.

Top- Thrifted, Riding Pants- American Apparel, Shoes- Monki

Personally the best part of the event was hanging/catching up with all the people there. Nick and I went together, unintentionally but intentionally matching in blue. I also got to catch up with the lovely Zoe, which was nice, seeing as we don't see each other often. Zoe's the instagrammer behind @aahongkong so be sure to follow their instagram for more AA shenanigans! All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon event that celebrated the lighter side of fashion. 

PS: I've got my sevens tickets, have you got yours?



  1. This event looks like so much fun! I love American Apparel and burgers on equal levels. Also, I really like your shoes.

  2. Oh, American apparel is my favorite, adore these photos and your blog dear! You're super gorgeous xx

  3. Great pics :)

    - Keyta

  4. Love AA, wish i could go to an event like this! Nice blog :)

  5. the event looks amazing! :D so much fun!

    Pudding Monster