Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Coat- Marc Jacobs // Top - Thrifted // Jeans- Cheap Monday // Shoes- Office

Photography by Nicole
Fact, climate affects style. And as temperatures descend from double digits to single digits, I find myself reclining more and more into the comfort of clothes, even more if they double up in comfort and function. Case in point, this coat, which got absolutely 0 wear in HK is now getting 1000x times more wear in the UK. Not only does it succeed in warmth, its light which lets me fold/scrunch/stuff over my chair/table/bed/, its also rain-proof, which is an absolute necessity in the unpredictability of London's weather. Weather rant aside, a few weeks ago I managed to venture out of the east into the Tate Britain, which I personally think is the underrated version of the Tate Modern to see the Turner prize nominees. The exhibit was interesting, to say the least, and there were many colourful comments left behind, but I do think its best if you go and see it for yourself to determine your own opinion. But as the actual Turner prize goes, my moneys on James Richards to take home the title. 




  1. Fab!


  2. I love how despite the fact the coat suggests colder weather the print of your top if bright and tropical (still!)