Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Coat- Missguided // Top - Thrifted // Skirt- Choies // Shoes- Office

Photography by Nicole
Time flies when you're having fun and despite the intensity of work I've received over the past month, I've thoroughly enjoyed it and much has really changed. But before I digress, outfit backstory: These shots were taken a few weeks back when my fellow sibling and I attended a special Sibling runway show at the V&A, showing curated menswear pieces. Thus, we took this opportunity to shoot some outfit shots, taking advantage of the emptying runway and the grey walls of the V&A. As London permanently stays in single digit degrees, a coat is absolutely necessary to surviving the weather. I picked up this missguided beauty after realising a severe lapse of colour in my coat department and it hasn't left my shoulders ever since. 

I've almost finished my first term of uni, having handed in all my assessed work, done and dusted. I've only got one last thing left before I am temporarily freed of my studies. On Thursday, CSM will be holding its annual 'White Show', a fashion show that displays all the works of the first year fashion design students (womenswear, menswear, print, knit and fashion design management). Everyone's been working really hard on it and it would be very much appreciated if the website could be clicked on and the instagram could be followed! The design students are all incredibly talented and this show really exemplifies the skills they possess. Needless to say, I may very well collapse once the show is over so do send over indomie/instant noodle packets to keep me functioning.

I mentioned previously that I achieved my New Year's resolution, so I thought I'd quickly address it here. Everyone and anyone who knows me knows that my No 1 is James Franco. Full stop. And at the start of the year, I made a resolution to go meet him, thinking that it was funny and would maybe happen in about 10 years. Two weeks ago, my resolution came true. I met him and a book signing and I can gladly say that I can truly die happy now. James was incredible and I could go on and on (believe me I can) about my 5 minute encounter but I'll save the rambling for some other time. For now, here's the image that I will, and cannot, ever get over.




  1. Great outfit
    love the coat
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    I'll follow back after it


  2. Great look, I love your coat :)


  3. what a great coat!!! I love it!

  4. <333 such cool pictures !