Sunday, 28 October 2012

Forever shall I stay.

I used liquid liner to draw on these tetris inspired blocks ahahaha

 Confession time! When I was little, I was absolutely TERRIFIED of the corpse bride! The eerie thought that she was forever waiting at the alter was enough to frighten my asian bones. So being the weirdo that I am, decided to dress as my version of the corpse bride. She's more sleep deprived, much blander and slightly crazy (some tetris-y thing going on on my right arm). The dress was from a drama production I was part of where I was playing a mental patient (surprise surprise!). I simply cut off the sleeves, adjusted the length but I wanted to retain the straight shape as I think it gives it a much more ghostly appeal. No shoes for bonus hobo chic! The best part of this was doing the makeup! Took me about 45 mins as I kept going darker then lighter then darker then lighter etc. It was super fun to completely disintegrate society's perspective of beauty. Now all I need is to wait for my groom to arrive..
More costumes to come! (:


Dress- DIY'd
Veil (Scarf)- China
Scarf around neck- China
Fake flowers- Ikea

*Hair was hair sprayed silver.

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