Monday, 9 September 2013

FNO! '13

Megan is such a beauty!

The Fashion Wonton

Being a midget next to Maddy

The ever so lovely Zoe!

Laura and Tiffany (designer for PinkShoulderz) looking rad as ever.

Nick looking sharp

Nick, me, Nicole, Emily and Megan. All photos by me, except for this one, its Nicole's.

Summing up Fashion's Night Out in a few words is always a difficult task, however, this is only my second Fashion's Night Out so bear with me. I blame this being on the fact that Hong Kong has only had 2 Fashion's Night Out, as compared to Japan's a billion fashion soiree's. Nonetheless, this event did not disappoint. Whilst I preferred last year's epic array of designer's and bloggers (tokyo dandy anyone!), the real party this year was with all the rad youngsters around. It was such a pleasure going with the same group as last year's (Nick and Nicole) and my sister soulmate Megan, as well as hanging out with Emily again and meeting the towering, radiant Maddy. Together, we sipped on dirty drinks courtesy of the Moustache bar, savoured Lola's Ice Pops, admired the legends known as 'The Bumby's' (performance art is my new thing ya'll) and got tattooed (temporary, relax) by very cute french boys. It was also lovely to run into people I did know, including the oh so charming Zoe (if you haven't heard of her, you're living under a rock) as we chatted about her amazing stint as the official instagrammer for american apparel hong kong (go follow @aahongkong for more goodness!). And it was great to see Laura beiro as I sheepishly hummed "I follow your blog" to her doll face. All in all, Fashion's Night Out was the perfect getaway from the hell of IB and the night was topped off with some cheeky drinks from Sevva. Orange juice only. 

Until next time FNO.




  1. It was an amazing night babe!

    Meg xx

  2. Fashion is the flight thoughts of the designers. This flight thoughts are represent supermodels of the famous model agencies

  3. It was nice to meet you that night!!!
    + Thanks for the mentioning!!! :DD
    Looking forward to hangout with you guys (for real lol) next time I come back~

    1. I loved your outfit! That sounds great (: