Sunday, 15 September 2013


Choker- DIY, Top- Boutique in HK, Shorts- Thrifted and DIY'd, Shoes- Underground, Bracelet- From Nick (thank you :*), Watch- Guess

Well, what can I say, other than the obligatory apology for being the crappiest blogger on the planet, this week has definitely been a whirlwind. Be it handing in mountains of papers, slaving away until the early light of dawn and experiencing having my own room for the first time in my life (my sister has moved out and on to her new joyeus life in london). This week has definitely had its ups and downs. But throughout it all, I've really discovered that I have a really rad bunch of people in my life, so I'd like to take this moment to appreciate all the greatness they've brought into my life (I love you t-law!). Ok enough sappiness. Lets go back to this gnarly tie dye top. Psychedelic, isn't it?

30 Day/Post Song Challenge

Day/Post 23: A song that you wish you could play

'Come Closer' by Miles Kane

There are so many songs that I would absolutely die to play but I think it would be pretty cool to whip out the sick chords of 'come closer'. Plus Miles Kane is pretty amazing so having the ability to play anything by him would be the definition of rad.




  1. lovely look!

  2. Ah, I love this! You look so gorgeous <3
    And awh, the first paragraph you wrote is so sweet :3 I hope everything is settling down for you a little now ^.^ xx

  3. I adore this outfit! love how the shoes look with the top, gorge x

  4. So awesome!!

    <3 Carsla