Friday, 6 December 2013



Shirt- Vintage, Shorts- Thrifted (DIY), Socks- H&M, Cardigan- Mum, Shoes- Converse

Photos by Conrad

Its been a while blog but I'm finally back and armed with more outfit posts! Words cannot even begin to express the sorrow that I have for further fueling my reputation as a 'crappy blogger'. But alas, life has really gotten in the way. In between this post and the previous one, I have been busy going to Clockenflap, being a cheerleader Rydell (my school's wittily named musical) and mostly being a high school student. The latter involving multiple deadlines for work that I should really finish, downing multiple cups of coffee green tea, waking up at ungodly hours (sleep, what sleep) and feeling sudden death by impending uni apps that need to be sended off. At this point, I'm seriously considering dropping out of the IB, growing a beard and joining the circus. Jokes aside, my friend Conrad helped take these photos of me this morning during our free period (perks of being a high school student, if there are any). And my sister's back on Monday, which means more time for outfit posts! Its gotten 'cold' in Hong Kong (20˚C below), but by my standards, its still warm enough to rock these marginally short denim cutoffs but cold enough to pull out my knee socks. I should probably stop rambling about the weather and enjoy it while it lasts, its only going to get colder from here. Hopefully.

30 day/post song challenge

Day/Post 26: A song that you can play

'Mouthwash' by Kate Nash

Yonkers ago, I was able to wonkily play the beginning of this song. Now lets hope that I at least get one key right. 



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  1. Such a cool shirt with all the slashing claws and such and your hat is adorable. Love the knee socks as they show off so well your exciting, stunning legs :)

  2. Such a sweet look! ;D Can't wait to see more!

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  3. Really loving the Vintage T-shirt in these images.