Sunday, 22 December 2013


Leather jacket- HK Boutique, Sweater- Monki, Collared shirt- Thrift shop, Denim cutoffs- Vintage, Knee socks- Boots, Boots- Monki

Photos by Nicole

As you may or may not know from the title of this post, I am finally seventeen! Seventeen is a strange feeling, I feel neither older or younger. Yet the word 'seventeen' does sound much more, dare I say, sophisticated than the sixteen? I can't even begin to fathom how I've wandered this ground for seventeen solid years. Winter has finally arrived and school is out of session, equaling to an absurdly high amount of procrastination. Christmas is just around the corner but for some reason, it hasn't hit me yet. Maybe its because my head's been mainly stuck in books? Oh and yes, this knee socks will definitely not be coming off me. Love them 5eva. 

30 day/post song challenge

Day/Post 27: Your birthday song

'Baby I'm Yours' by Breakbot

Like the knee socks, I love this song 5eva. 



PS: If you haven't already followed my instagram, you would've probably known that the best birthday present I've received is a uni offer to study at my first choice. I'm not sure when to reveal it here but I am beyond excited to be studying in London next year!


  1. happy birthday dear!! and loving the socks!


  2. I'm in love with your shoes and jacket :D