Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Bralet- Gift, Skirt + Shoes- HK boutique

The course to lookbook photos never did run smooth. At least, in my case! Lets just say mosquito bites were fierce. Definitely one of my more *ahem* risky looks in relation to amounts of skin being shown. But hey, Its 25˚C outside! In other words, sorry about the grainy quality of my photos, I've had to switch from my nikon d3000 to a canon at the moment due to technical issues and I'm already missing using my baby so much. Yes, I just called my inanimate dslr a baby, and I'm proud of it. On to le song challenge.

30 day song challengeDay/ Post 9: A song that you can dance to'Latch' by Disclosure

No brainer for me. I didn't want to think much as my brain is currently getting crammed by the wrath of IB. I'm a huge fan of disclosure and they continue to produce amazing masterpieces for my ears. Latch is the sort of song that makes me forget about this issue of homework and gives me a sudden desire to dance it all away.



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