Thursday, 7 February 2013

Soil falling over my head

Creepers- Underground, Shorts- HK boutique, Shirt- Thrifted, Bag- Hiroshima

Sorry for the shortage of photos, but it looks like we'll be experiencing a hot winter folks! By ' we'll ', I'm only referring to those of you who reside in the 852, hopefully for the rest of you, it'll start to get warmer. I received a lot of mixed interesting comments about the garment that I am wearing, a.k.a le shirt, and I have to admit that I do remind myself of a Hawaiian tourist. But then again, I love it to bits. Keeping to my 30 day/post song challenge, I now pronounce to you a song that makes me sad.

drum roll please!

"I Know it's Over" by The Smiths

Classic Morrissey! This song is just so melancholic and it's a song of heartbreak and sadness. I wish I could say more about it but for some reason, words aren't coming out of my fingers so I don't think my waffling will do the song any justice. Have a listen folks.

PS: Please excuse my million chins in these photos :P


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