Monday, 5 August 2013


Shirt- Grandmother's, Shorts- Thrifted & DIY'd, Watch- Guess (old), Heels- Office. Photos by Nicole.

Three weeks is far too long for a delayed outfit post and suffice to say, a lot has changed since my last outfit and now. Currently, I am lamenting the impending deadline of my re-entry into prison, also known as school. I have approximately t- six days of freedom left and I am desperately trying to cram everything, and I mean everything into the span of 144 hours. Another aspect of my glorious life. The weather in Hong Kong has been nothing short of bi-polar and on sun soaked occasions, such as last Sunday, this sleeveless-shirt-denim-shorts-white-shoes have been my go to uniform. I've held these shoes captive for about a month, but only recently have they seen the light of my blog. There's something about white shoes that make you realize you actually have to take care of your shoes. And thanks to the now broadening collection of white shoes in my wardrobe, I have now accumulated three different methods of cleaning these shoes. Score. 

Day/ Post 21: A song that makes you listen to when you're sad

'Stuck on a puzzle' - Alex Turner

As mentioned earlier, a lot has changed in the past three weeks. I'm not one the divulge into my wondrous life, however these weeks have definitely been rocky for me. Sometimes, it takes the right perspective to make all the difference. (Unfortunately, I didn't come up with that wondrous statement *cries*, credits to the talented guys of WongFu Productions' When It Counts *hint hint fangirl over here). 

This song is not directly sad, but more melancholic and it's definitely been a song I've been listening to a lot this summer. Submarine is one of my favourite movies and the score for the movie is just incredible. So enough of my ramblings and go enjoy this masterpiece.

PS: Hint at a submarine inspiration/review post? I think so.


  1. Wow, great outfit, I love your shoes! Nice blog, dear! ^-^