Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rich Girls

My hair looks red-y brown in this, but it is not!

Title is from my one of my favourite songs by my favourite band, The Virgins.

Fact: I am terrified of maxi-skirts, or maxi-anything in general. 
Living as a 5"1 asian girl, I'm always trying to find ways to cheat in height, case in point, wolfrun creepers. As of this, I'm always leaning towards shorter hemlines so that I look even just an inch shorter. Thus comes my fear of the maxi skirt/dress/anything, For the longest time I have been afraid of wearing maxi-skirts even or especially in 2007 (era of miley cyrus and maxi skirts), as much as I admire seeing Nicole Richie sway in her ever present californian dreamsicle dresses, I have never been one to don them. Cue in a 5"5 sister, a new year and an overwhelming array of clothes and you've found me donning those classic maxi skirts. But now that I've worn one, I've grown accustomed to the swish and comfort it offers me. Who knew that I could grow ever so fond of the one thing I feared the most. I guess thats just what the new year does to you, or the cold weather


PS: Anyone wanna shoot me? Hahaha not in the physical action of pulling the trigger but more in the snapping sense of pushing down the camera button. Recently self-timer hasn't been very kind to me. Thus the amount of blurry images appearing on my SD card.

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