Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Underneath Your Love

Beanie- Birthday Gift, T-Shirt- David Choi APAC tour, belt- vintage, skirt- HK boutique, tights- h&m, socks- HK boutique, Creepers- Underground

Hello all! Finally another new look! And I finally debuted my glasses! For those of you who don't know, I'm short-sighted, which means that glasses have become a staple necessity into my everyday life. My degree's not that bad though, but still I enjoy the extra clear vision. I put together this super simple look the other day while running out and about and I've come to love the versatility this skirt offers. So I guess its become another wardrobe necessity. On the down side,  reports are coming out this week. So I may seem a bit less than usual in my next posts. And excuse the double chin that frequently appears throughout this look.


PS: Backstory on the shirt! I'm a huge fan of David Choi ever since he started on Youtube, so when I heard he was coming to my home country, I just knew I had to be there. And continuing my amazing stream of luck, I managed to win a pair of tickets to go to the concert. It was a great night, full of jazzy sounds and David's infectious charm. My sister and I were dancing the whole night. And the best part, we got to meet him! Most of the meeting consisted of my gobsmacked face and his constant charm. To commemorate the night, I bought this t-shirt, which serves as a sweet memory of the event. I recommend all of you to check out David and his music. And if he comes near you, GO SEE HIM (:

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